Key visual release notes

New Axanto Release: 3.43.0


The new version 3.43.0 is now available. This version brings some new features and important fixes.

The highlights inluded in this release:

Axanto Portal

  • Allow to send emails using the Axanto message templates (MYOP-2724)
  • Updates to Axanto notify rules and change detection (MYOP-2683, MYOP-2725)

If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Release notes – Axanto – 3.43.0


MYOP-2719 [PO] Old notify clients get no it messages any more

MYOP-2720 [PO] 0 values in simple charts no longer shown

MYOP-2721 [PO] Notify messages for specific groups are no longer shown on dashboard

MYOP-2723 [NC] Username for MQTT queue is case sensitive

MYOP-2729 [PO] Tags and keywords in knowledge articles no longer working

New Feature

MYOP-2679 [PO] Allow to configure the first view for calender views

MYOP-2683 [PO] Change Notify Broker to use solr updates for change detection

MYOP-2717 [PO] Update Apache Solr to Version 9.1

MYOP-2718 [PO] Allow to exclude type for general solr index run

MYOP-2722 [PO] Add style class to toastr for notify messages

MYOP-2724 [PO] Allow to send mail with Axanto message templates

MYOP-2725 [PO] Allow to call external endpoints through notify rule

MYOP-2727 [PO] Allow to index only active entities for general index run

MYOP-2728 [PO] Introduce keyboard shortcuts to the web UI