Key visual release notes

New Axanto Release 3.44.1


The new version 3.44.1 is now available. This version brings some new features and important fixes.

The highlights inluded in this release:


  • Dramatic performance boost through new DI framework in the backend (MYOP-2772)
  • Detail Popup for list views (MYOP-2764)

Axanto Portal

  • Allow to prevent duplicate execution of notify rule (MYOP-2736)

Axanto Patch Manager

  • Brand new application management feature (MYOP-1617)

Axanto Service Designer

  • Introduce new field recovery order (MYOP-2762)

Axanto Notify Client

  • New ability to specify individual timeouts for notify messages and when no message is present (MYOP-2754)

If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Release notes – Axanto – 3.44.1

New Feature

MYOP-2772 [PO] Replace DI implementation for better performance

MYOP-2773 [PO] Enhance save performance to SCSM

Release notes – Axanto – 3.44.0

New Feature

MYOP-1617 [PM] Add application management features to Patch Manager

MYOP-2736 [PO] Allow to prevent duplicate notify rule execution on an entity

MYOP-2746 [PO] Cleanup of local TypeCache files produced by SCSM SDK

MYOP-2747 [PO] Show current navigation icon in breadcrumb

MYOP-2749 [PO] Add expand/collapse all to activity tree view

MYOP-2754 [NC] Allow to define popup timeout per notify message

MYOP-2761 [PO] Prevent entity types from being deleted from Solr Index

MYOP-2762 [SD] Introduce recovery order for services

MYOP-2764 [PO] Introduce detail popup for list views

MYOP-2766 [PM] Create sccm collections for system groups

MYOP-2768 [PO] Allow to define internal and external mail templates

MYOP-2769 [PO] Seperate entity controller for list and other methods for better resolve time

MYOP-2771 [PO] Index userinput in solr in seperate fields


MYOP-2770 [PO] Remove obsolete external ticket feature