Key visual release notes

New Axanto Release 3.46.2


The new version 3.46.2 is now available. This version brings some new features and some fixes.

The highlights inluded in this release:


  • Allow to exclude relation fields from indexing (MYOP-2819)

Axanto Portal

  • Allow to preselect relations on opening an offering (MYOP-2814)

If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Release notes – Axanto – 3.46.2


MYOP-2817 [PO] Sorting in lists with scripted values partially wrong

New Feature

MYOP-2812 [PO] Allow to define panel collapsed on group configs shown as panels

MYOP-2813 [PO] Auto select relation if only one on relations show as field too

MYOP-2814 [PO] Allow to define pre selected relations for create offering process with an action

MYOP-2818 [PO] Allow to resolve email addresses for new send mail feature

MYOP-2819 [PO] Allow to exclude defined relation fields from indexing

MYOP-2820 [PO] Add “Paste from clipboard” button to attachment component

MYOP-2821 [PO] Optimize configuration update job

MYOP-2822 [PO] Add endpoint for generating used sql for change detection of solr index entities