New Axanto Release: 3.41.1


The new version 3.41.1 is now available. This version brings new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights inluded in this release:

Axanto Portal

  • Reduce payload of request e.g. for list views (MYOP-2676)

Axanto Service Designer

  • Add and automatically compute variant and option ids (MYOP-2682)

Axanto Patch Manager

  • Allow to define a single maintenance windows for machines (MYOP-2694)

If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Attention: The database schema has to be updated!

Release notes – Axanto – Version 3.41.1


MYOP-2692 [PO] Fix for undefined for enum fields with multiple entities

MYOP-2689 [PO] Convert task no longer working

MYOP-2687 [PM] Error changing machine without a maintenance window through API

New Feature

MYOP-2693 [PO] Set cache policy for preventing browser cache

MYOP-2691 [PO] Hidden tabs should be shown e.g. for chart details

MYOP-2690 [PO] Allow to detail view from simple charts

Release notes – Axanto – Version 3.41.0

New Feature

MYOP-2694 [PM] Allow to define and manage a single maintenance window for machines as before

MYOP-2685 [PO] Allow to define list values for SCSM string fields

MYOP-2684 [PM] Allow to use the former feature of only one maintenance window for machines

MYOP-2682 [SD] Automatically compute and assign an id to variants and options

MYOP-2678 [PO] Refactor property meta data and visualisation to reduce entity size

MYOP-2677 [PO] Create a generic index job for Rest APIs

MYOP-2676 [PO] Reduce REST payload for entities