Key visual release notes

New Axanto Release: 3.42.0


The new version 3.42.0 is now available. This version brings new features and fixes some bugs.

The highlights inluded in this release:

Axanto Suite

  • Seperate all long running jobs from WebAPI to a sepearte Windows Service (MYOP-2681)

Axanto Notify

  • Change the communication protocol of the Notify Client to MQTT (MYOP-2703)

Axanto Portal

  • Allow to define actions e.g. for API calls (MYOP-2686)

If you have not yet received the download password, please simply contact

Release notes – Axanto – 3.42.0


MYOP-2702 [PO] Fix for showing multiple inlinelistvalues in list views

MYOP-2706 [SD] Tickets are not created with all property values

MYOP-2708 [PO] Multi value relation displayname are stored as single text not as mutli value

MYOP-2709 [PO] Selected relations are not shown in multiple edit mode

New Feature

MYOP-2681 [PO] Seperate scheduling from Web API in a windows service

MYOP-2686 [PO] Allow to define actions e.g. for API calls

MYOP-2703 [NC] Use MQTT as communication protocol for Notify Client

MYOP-2704 [PO] Allow to exclude properties from change log per model